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About Us

About Lisa Etherson Sex Therapy

Our practice aims to help anyone experiencing sexual problems, including sex and porn addiction, to know that meaningful and lasting recovery is possible. Our objective is to create comfortable and healing environment, where you or you and your partner can grow and develop a loving, intimate relationship.



 We always ensure the utmost professionalism, working within an ethical code of conduct and receiving regular supervision.



Anyone coming to our practice will be treated with care and respect. We aim to provide a nurturing environment in which you feel you are free to express those things which are worrying you.



Using best practice and up to date techniques, we ensure your therapy is as effective as possible.

Lisa is a qualified sex therapist with over 20 years of experience working with people with emotional difficulties. By entering into her own process of self-discovery and emotional healing, Lisa has an authentic approach to therapy, which she uses to help others who are looking for more fulfilling intimate relationships. Having completed a post-graduate diploma in psychosexual therapy, Lisa has gone on to become a PhD researcher.


Lisa believes that in order to thrive as people, we must nurture ourselves and our intimate connections with others. Sometimes, this is difficult to do and what is often needed is what Alice Miller would call a helping witness, someone who has been there before you, who can understand and help you to make sense of what you are feeling and why.


Lisa takes great care to provide a therapeutic environment that is compassionate and sensitive to ensure that growth and healing can take place. Due to having extensive experience of addiction, both professionally and personally, Lisa has a special interest in porn and sex addiction. She firmly believes that it is possible to recover from addiction, however we often need help from others to do this.

Get in touch to have a private confidential chat to see how we can help on 07731 555698