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Somatic Therapy


Somatic Therapy

unexpressed emotionsMany people have greatly benefited from talking therapies, however, there are some people who continue to feel stuck, feeling that something still isn’t quite right. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I’ve tried everything else and you are my last hope”. This is because traditional, western therapy only concentrates on the mind and dismisses the body. Yet when it comes to healing our past in order to live in the present and as a result, fulfilling our true potential, we need to deal with our emotions that reside in the body. Our mind has an amazing capacity to forget things that are painful to us but the body never forgets and it cannot lie. Our minds may be able to switch itself off and escape, or make up a more appealing story, but we take our bodies with us into every situation and it has no way of escaping.


As a result, we may still feel depressed and anxious, fearful or unmotivated or have problems with relationships. We can also experience addictions to things such as drugs and alcohol, sex, relationships, food, money or work.  We can often have physical symptoms too such as back, neck or shoulder pain, exhaustion and trouble sleeping or just a feeling of being generally unwell. This is not an exhaustive list!


Somatic therapy (Soma, of the Body) is a combination of talking therapy (counselling) and body work. What this combination of therapy allows is the unconscious (the stuff being held in the body) to surface into the conscious (dealt with via the talking therapy). By working with the body as well as the mind, we are able to recognise the root or origin of the pain of our past and begin to understand how this is affecting our lives now. By doing this, we get to live a freer and more creative life in the present moment.


Through somatic therapy, we get to establish a better relationship with our emotions. We are no longer scared of them or feel the need to deny them, whilst finding a better way to deal and acknowledge them. More importantly, we get to experience our truth, which is the most loving and empowering thing we can do for ourselves. From this place of truth (which is the true meaning of mindfulness) we find we can navigate our way through this crazy world.


The body work element of the therapy consists of a therapeutic massage which is gentle and should not cause any pain. Within our culture, we have started to forget that one of our most basic human needs is touch and is our first accessible language as babies. The healing power of touch cannot be underestimated. Although touch can at first be daunting for some, clients will usually say that this part of therapy is extremely beneficial.


Somatic Therapy appointments are usually 90mins and cost £60. Concessions can be made for those on low income